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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the full process of company formation in China?

Based on the company type, the registration process migh vary, but generally speaking it goes as follows:

1) Company registration process in China starts with the founders filling our questionnaire.
2) Based on the answers, our consultants will get back to you with quotation and other details, and we sign a service greement.
3) If you are outside of China, you will be asked to contact the Chinese embassy and a) get your passport legalized (individual investor or b) get your existing company’s documents legalized (corporate investor)
4) After you have legalized your documents at the Chinese embassy, you will be asked to mail those legalization documents (no original passports required) to China via post (DHL, FedEx etc.)
5) Once the documents and payments have been received, we will start the company formation process. First step is to register company’s name with the company registrar in China (you will be asked to give several options in English and/or Chinese, if you know the language).
6) After around 7 business days, company name will be confirmed, then
7) We will make an appointment with the company registrar and our staff member will take your legalized documents to the counter.
8) After around 2-3 business days, company registrar will give us your company’s structural documents and we will email them to you with instructions where to sign.
9) After you sign the structural documents of the company, you will be asked to mail the originals to us via post (DHL, FedEx etc.)
10) After we have received the signed documents, we will forward them to the company registrar.
11) After around 10 business days, your company’s General Business License will be issued (usually with 30 years validity)
12) At this point company director will be asked to visit China to open a corporate bank account (for people who cannot visit China, we offer China Nominee Director services)
13) Once we open the RMB account for your company, we will make an appointment with the tax office in China and the company director will be asked to visit the tax office in person for ID verification)
14) We will make another appointment with the bank to open a foreign currency account for your company (if necessary), and the company director will be asked to visit again in person.
15) If your company is an import / export company, we will make an appointment with the custom office, and the company director will be asked to visit in person to collect the custom permit and e-port.
16) Clients can take their company documents and official seals (company chops)

How much do you charge for company registration in China?

Based on the company type, our service fee range from ¥18000 (approx. 3000 USD) to ¥350,000 (approx. 55000 USD).
For trading and consulting companies our service prices start from ¥18000. Please contact us for more details.

What does your service fee include?

It depends on the service. For e.g. ¥18000 (approx. 3000 USD) service fee for trading or consulting company registration. in China, includes the following:

  • Incorporation (General business license with 30 years validity);
  • Obtaining company’s offical seals (company chops);
  • Corporate bank account assistance (RMB account by default. NOTE: certain countries’ citizens cannot open foreign currency accounts – please speak to us for more details);
  • 1 year company registration address (it’s not an office space – cannot be used for work visa purposes or day to day working);
  • 1 year accounting service (monthly and annual tax filings only. VAT refund is not included If you need VAT refund in China, please speak to us, we can provide as a separate service);
  • 1 year free consultancy on company-related matters;
  • Company tax registration;
  • Custom permit (import-export permit and e-port);
What positions are required to register an LTD company in China?

Clients are expected to appoint at least two positions when forming an LTD company in China:

  1. Company director (aka Legal Representative) – can be of any nationality, should be able to visit China for corporate bank account opening and ID verification at the tax and customs offices (custom office is only in case of trading company);
  2. Company supervisor (aka manager) – can be of any nationality, not required to visit China, howver, his/her original passport should be available for the company director to bring to China when he/she visits to open a corporate bank account for the company.
How long does the whole company registration process take in China?

It also depends on the company type. For e.g. consulting company registration takes around min. 20 business days and max 30 business days, trading company can take min. 25 business days and max 40 business days. Timeframe depends on many factors such as bank schedule, government bureaucracy, clients’ readiness to privide necessary documents when asked or availibility to travel to China etc.

Can I apply for work visa from my country if I register a company in China?

It depends on the specific situation.
For e.g. some countries’ citizens will be asked to exit China in order to apply for work visa with their newly registered company (i.e. they cannot switch from one type of visa to work visa) – they can apply for work visa at the Chinese embassy in their home countries. Please contact us and we will be glad to discuss your specific situatio.

How many shareholders can join me to form a company in China?

Up to 50 shareholders can join one (LTD) company, and they can be of any nationality. NOTE: shareholders are not asked to be present in China, it’s only the company director – he / she will have to visit China in order to open a corporate bank account, for ID verification at tax and custom offices

Can I have a Chinese shareholder in my company in China?

Yes, you can. NOTE: While having a Chinese shareholder is allowed, it might not give you any practical benefits if that’s what you’re looking for. For e.g. some investors are interested in entering the businesses which are in the negative list in China (prohibited business areas for foreign entrepreneurs), and they assume that taking a Chinese shareholder will make it possible for them to get involved in the prohibited business areas, but in fact that’s not always true. We recommend you speak to a professional Chinese lawyer and find out if you are allowed to do invest in the industry you want to.

Can you help me register a Branch Office in China?

We certainly can. However, please note that a Branch Office can only perform market research activites and represent the mother company from another country in China. Branch Office cannot engage in trade, cannot issue any invoices in China. If you want to do business in China, be able to issue invoices, engage in transactions with the local and international clients at the same time, it’s always advised that you register a fully functional LTD company. Please speak to us for more details.

How many directors can my Chinese company have?

If by “director” you mean the managing director, then it’s only 1, which is also known as Legal Representative. But if you mean the position itself, China registered companies can have a board of directors too, so your company can have several directors on the board.

How many managers can I have in my China company?

If by “manager” we are talking about “company supervisor”, then it’s only 1, but if we are talking about the position “manager”, then China registered companies can have a board of managers too, so you can have several managers on the board.


30 / F, West Building, Science and Technology Capital, 668 Beijing East Road, Huangpu District, Shanghai


+8613040688804 (English line)
+8613764200604 (Chinese line)
+8615000697434 (Russian line)


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